The world as I know it…

Guinness commercial

The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character…

In my journey through life, no matter where in the world I’ve explored, I’ve noticed certain commonalities with the various cultures I’ve experienced such as a person’s desire to be a part of a group, parents who sacrifice so their children could lead a better life than they did, and a man’s search for purpose and happiness.  However, the one truism that stands out above all is… “the choices people make reveal the true nature of their character.”

Throughout the years, the relationships I’ve cultivated have consistently proven to me that good people are good people; not based solely upon the cordial things they say, but together with the things they do. In other words what they say is in alignment with what they do. This is definitely not so with people who lack character; people who, irregardless of the accuracy of a statement, tell you what you want to hear to get what they want to get.

Life experience is truly the basis of all knowledge. Although I’ve gained wisdom through the books I’ve read and through the insight of others, for me, nothing could adequately replace my life experiences with regards to understanding the character of others. When I first saw the Guinness commercial titled  “The choices you make reveal the true nature of your character” I immediately connected.

Without a doubt when you surround yourself with good people good things happen…and visa versa.

Life,… Xperience it.

Urban Xplorer