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“Living the dream….”

"Living the dream..."
“Living the dream…”

Just had a race last weekend… It was the coldest race I have ever been to; Boise, ID, below 10 degrees. By race time it, maybe, warmed up to 20 degrees.

This was a qualifying race that was early in the day since I was no longer prequalified. I set the fastest time in my practice round giving me first gate pick in my heat. At this point I was doing everything I could to keep my hands from freezing. I got the holeshot in my qualifier and took second sending me into the night show.

I ended up with a pretty good night; 8th in my heat, 6th in my LCQ, and 17th overall for the night!

I have one round left this weekend and I’m going to try to put it in the main event.

Harry Oswald, Xperientialist™

Harrison Oswald #649, Xperientialist™

BC Harrison Oswald EX races racing images Urban Xplorer gear bags arena

Hometown: Northern California, USA

Favorite X Spot™: Out in the vast woods of the natural forest

Age: 23

Inspired by: Finding new trails that have yet to be experienced by others

I grew up always being around motorcyles so naturally I took it up. By age 6, I started riding trials and about 5 years ago I got into EnduroCross and off-road racing. Never knew it would become such a part of my lifestyle as much as it has over the years.

Why EnduroCross (EX)?

I chose to pursue EX as a professional career because it’s something I enjoy, it’s not like any other form of off-road racing, it’s extremely challenging and believe I can go somewhere with it.

Who is #649?

I currently work on a ranch as a ranch hand 5 days a week, where I also have my EX track that I practice on as much as possible during the week and on the weekends.

There are only a few things in life that are important to me; family, friends and enjoying life. I really enjoy hanging out with my family and doing things with them, they are a big part of my racing and my biggest supporters. …And if you’re not enjoying life, what’s the point?

One day I will own a house with some acreage up in the mountains, enjoy the countryside and travel overseas.

One thing I want to do with my life is teach my nephews how to ride dirtbikes. It would be awesome to share my passion with them. Beyond EX and off-road racing I just like doing just about anything outdoors.

What’s next?

I just missed out on qualifying for the 2014 EX X Games by one spot! I’m focused on working harder than ever to make sure I get the spot next year.

It’s all about the experience…

The traveling side of racing is just as enjoyable as the racing itself. I get to travel all over the country with family and friends and wouldn’t change it for anything.

Harrison Oswald, Xperientialist™

Been there, Rocked that!…

Mike Mentz Urban Xplorer Xperientialist singer songwriter traveller Nashville

I would like to introduce you to Mike Mentz, the newest member of the Urban Xplorer Xperientialist™ team. As a singer, songwriter, traveler, Mike is someone who has “Been there, Rocked that.” Experience the Travelpop genre… Cigarette was a single that rode the Nashville Songwriters Association International’s top 40 chart for four months in 2013.

Mike, thanks for being a part of the Urban Xplorer “Xperience.” We are looking forward to sharing in your experience.

Xperience it,

Urban Xplorer

Life “Xperience” is the basis of all knowledge…

Ash Dykes Urban Xplorer explorer experience travel gear stories

To be an authentic expert at something you must experience it firsthand.

As you know, we champion the life of the Xperientialst™…A person who experiences life to the fullest and believes that life experience is the basis of all knowledge. Essentially someone who’s been there, done that and subscribes to the philosophy “I know, because I do.”

Ash Dykes, of Wales, U.K. is an Xperientialist who is attempting to be the first person to complete a solo 1,500 mile trek, from west to east, across the brutal and unforgiving terrain, of the second-largest landlocked country in the world – Mongolia

We invite you to follow Ash on his unique personal journey; Ash Dykes, Mongolia 2014.

It’s a once in a lifetime Xperience.

Xperience it,

Urban Xplorer

You can never relive a weekend…

Urban Xplorer backpack explorer vintage bag gear Tahoe

“You can always retake a class, but you can never relive a weekend.” …the rallying call in college that rationalized the impromptu Thursday night weekend road trip. And the impetus behind many of the “oops, maybe I shouldn’t have done that” stories that are so fond in my memory. If you only knew… Thank God you don’t!

The six years “in” college (Yes, I have a 6 year degree) or should I more accurately say “enrolled” in college, were memorable. Did you ever find it interesting how the life experiences stood out more than the formal college classes and how the informal part of the college equation is something that can’t adequately be taught or learned in class, yet it is such an integral part of the college experience?

“You can never relive a weekend” is philosophy about life; about choosing to live life to the fullest each and every day and going out in the world and ” Xperiencing it.” There is a profound difference between experiencing a life with “no regrets” or living a would of, could of, should of, if only…life; constantly reflecting on a world of what might have been.

Life…Xperience it

Urban Xplorer