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“Affordable Luxury”…The Urban Xplorer Xperience

Burnt Orange HalfPack Urban Xplorer backpack gear explorer

Urban Xplorer’s (UX) RT 2014 line of travel gear will be available just in time for the holidays. The perfect gift for someone who appreciates quality products that are stylish, functional, customizable and affordable (if you’re Santa Claus, you’ll appreciate the affordability factor).

The RT series is crafted with NylonUX™ brand fabric. This synthetic fabric, unlike leather which is more prone to be a breeding ground for bacteria due to its natural absorbency, enables Urban Xplorer® to offer a bag that is more ideal for travel and at a price that is referred to as “Affordable Luxury”.

Urban Xplorer’s signature vintage style backpacks, messenger style bags, and accessories provide a way to stand out among your group of friends; Especially amongst those who still lug around the same basic bag they had in grade school.

UX’s gear is designed to accommodate the needs of today’s tech savvy travelers. There are multiple, easily accessible, storage options to carry your laptop and tablet. In addition, Urban Xplorer’s innovative Rapid-Expansion-Volume Options (aka REVO) system provides a way to customize your bag according to your needs. REVO increases the functionality of UX gear via a design concept that allows owners of UX gear to add optional accessories and/or increase the bag’s internal capacity. Also, by design there is ample space to organize the other belongings needed for your travel experience.

UX’s RT series line of products can easily transition from the formal to the informal. It is gear that can be used both at the office and for a weekend road trip.

Urban Xplorer®, it’s gear that is designed to help you explore the world around you by making it easier for you to “Xperience it”.


The HalfPack RT is currently available in the following colors: Brooklyn Bronze (Limited Edition), Electric Burnt Orange (Limited Edition), and Classic Black.

The SoHo RTBackPack is currently available in the following colors: London Grey and Mohave Tan.

Urban Xplorer® is luxury lifestyle brand offering highly functional lifestyle gear of distinction; an exceptional quality product with innovative, original design for life’s “Xplorers.”

99 bottles of beer on the wall…

99 bottles of beer on the wall
99 bottles of beer on the wall…makes me want to sing thirsty!

Undeniably, there are some good Guinness influenced escapades that originate from the 2 am last call in Dublin, CA. However, for the beer aficionado, I’m sure they pale in comparison to the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland Xperience.

For those who have made the pilgrimage to Guinness HQ, the image above is probably a familiar site. It’s a picture of Guinness bottles through the years courtesy of my cousin, Mark, who is a connoisseur of all things beer and someone who is always out there Xperiencing life.

Just like all tequila drinkers have a story to tell, so do all Guinness lovers… Though after some late college nights quite often the tequila drinkers needed someone else to fill in the blanks of their story. The following commercial from Guinness seems to tell the story of the people who I know who love to drink the beer:

“The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.” …Guinness wheelchair basketball commercial

Xperience it,

Urban Xplorer


Xperience it…

Xperience it cropped

At a minimum, we are out to expose the Xperientialist lifestyle… However, our ultimate goal is to inspire people to “Xperience it” …to live it.

In today’s world someone could become a virtual expert in just about anything while lying in bed and accessing the internet. It reminds me of the armchair quarterback; the self-proclaimed “expert”.  We all (..the rest of us) know that to become an authentic expert at anything you need to experience it first hand. That is why we champion the life of the “Xperientialist”; someone who experiences life to the fullest and believes that life experience is the basis of all knowledge. They live by the creed I know, because I do. Only until we have experienced something first hand can we truly understand and appreciate the experience. Until then we’re just commentators on the sideline.

Based upon that belief, we’ve created a brand that embraces the perspective that “you can never relive a weekend.” A brand that helps you escape and experience life. Think about it, friendships are developed over time and the “Oops maybe I shouldn’t have done that” stories are always more interesting than the “I wish I had only…” ones.

“Xperiencing it” doesn’t necessarily equate to jet setting around the world. It could include anything from wingsuit sky diving to something as simple as a night out with the boys, savoring the complexities of a truly refined bottle of craft beer or single malt scotch with friends or the weekend road trip.

To quote the famous singer, song writer, philosopher, Tim McGraw “Live like you were dying”…

Xperience it

Urban Xplorer