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Life “Xperience” is the basis of all knowledge…

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To be an authentic expert at something you must experience it firsthand.

As you know, we champion the life of the Xperientialst™…A person who experiences life to the fullest and believes that life experience is the basis of all knowledge. Essentially someone who’s been there, done that and subscribes to the philosophy “I know, because I do.”

Ash Dykes, of Wales, U.K. is an Xperientialist who is attempting to be the first person to complete a solo 1,500 mile trek, from west to east, across the brutal and unforgiving terrain, of the second-largest landlocked country in the world – Mongolia

We invite you to follow Ash on his unique personal journey; Ash Dykes, Mongolia 2014.

It’s a once in a lifetime Xperience.

Xperience it,

Urban Xplorer