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99 bottles of beer on the wall…

99 bottles of beer on the wall
99 bottles of beer on the wall…makes me want to sing thirsty!

Undeniably, there are some good Guinness influenced escapades that originate from the 2 am last call in Dublin, CA. However, for the beer aficionado, I’m sure they pale in comparison to the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, Ireland Xperience.

For those who have made the pilgrimage to Guinness HQ, the image above is probably a familiar site. It’s a picture of Guinness bottles through the years courtesy of my cousin, Mark, who is a connoisseur of all things beer and someone who is always out there Xperiencing life.

Just like all tequila drinkers have a story to tell, so do all Guinness lovers… Though after some late college nights quite often the tequila drinkers needed someone else to fill in the blanks of their story. The following commercial from Guinness seems to tell the story of the people who I know who love to drink the beer:

“The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.” …Guinness wheelchair basketball commercial

Xperience it,

Urban Xplorer


You can never relive a weekend…

Urban Xplorer backpack explorer vintage bag gear Tahoe

“You can always retake a class, but you can never relive a weekend.” …the rallying call in college that rationalized the impromptu Thursday night weekend road trip. And the impetus behind many of the “oops, maybe I shouldn’t have done that” stories that are so fond in my memory. If you only knew… Thank God you don’t!

The six years “in” college (Yes, I have a 6 year degree) or should I more accurately say “enrolled” in college, were memorable. Did you ever find it interesting how the life experiences stood out more than the formal college classes and how the informal part of the college equation is something that can’t adequately be taught or learned in class, yet it is such an integral part of the college experience?

“You can never relive a weekend” is philosophy about life; about choosing to live life to the fullest each and every day and going out in the world and ” Xperiencing it.” There is a profound difference between experiencing a life with “no regrets” or living a would of, could of, should of, if only…life; constantly reflecting on a world of what might have been.

Life…Xperience it

Urban Xplorer

Dining underground…illegal???

The underground Xperience
The underground Xperience

If you’re the type of Xperientialist who seeks unique and exclusive dining experiences and you are in search of something you could brag about on Instagram or Twitter to your friends this sounds like something that needs to be added to the must experience list.

The elusive urban dining experience know as Underground Supper Clubs is gaining popularity in New York City. It is reported that these clandestine gatherings are popping up all over town. (Of course, I haven’t been to one since they are “illegal”…never know who’s following the blog)

A meal with a story…sounds like a tasty craft beer or smooth bourbon in the making. As long as the main course doesn’t just stroll by the table right before I eat it I’m game. It’s always been my experience that the best tasting meals are the ones someone else cooks for me. Imagine unique purveyors offering a collaborative dining experience that money alone may not be able to buy.

It’s all about the xperience….Xperience it

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Capturing my X Spot…


An “X Spot” is a place or “Xperience” that allows you to escape everyday life and/or allows you to indulge in something that nurtures one’s soul.

Although there is nothing like the Xperience itself, sometimes it’s nice to have captured pictures of it. …Other times a mental image stored in your memory may be best if the picture may contain incriminating evidence against you. Gone are the days of “it wasn’t me, I wasn’t there, prove it.” Now it’s more like “I could see how you may think that’s me in the picture, but it it’s not.”

Just about everyone has a camera at their fingertips so there millions of uninspiring, mediocre pictures inundating your friends’ instagram, twitter, and facebook accounts. Why should they look at yours…?

One article I came across at was titled “7 tips for capturing a killer action sports shot.” In addition to seeing some killer photos, I learned some good tips from the author, Travis Burke, about capturing some “compelling and unique images.”

Capturing inspiring images is what will separate you from your friends spam…

Xperience it,

Urban Xplorer